Oil of Wild Oregano Skin Cream


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Nature’s potent healing plants carefully crafted into a luxurious, healing and revitalizing cream.

After 2 long years of testing, we have formulated Solutions4Health’s very first skin cream. Created with our Certified Organic Oil of Wild Oregano, Olive leaf Extract and Black Seed Oil. A simple 5 ingredient natural skin cream you can trust! Perfect for all skin types to provide daily moisture and to aid in the appearance of revitalised skin

Aqua, Rice Bran Oil, Veg Emulse (emulsifier), Mango Butter, Olive Leaf Extract, Black Seed Oil, Oregano Oil, Preservative- Nipaguard SCE

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Here at Solutions4Health, we create Oil of Wild Oregano as Organically as Nature intended with care to produce it with the highest quality.  The effectiveness of our products is ultimately judged by you. It is important that the Oregano oil you use has had its natural state preserved, with no adulteration of any of its constituents. This is because all of the active constituents in their natural state and levels act synergistically together to provide its amazing benefits. It is imperative to remember that this is a potent natural medicine, and only nature can get these levels right. A simple explanation might be as follows. Different ‘batches’ of Wild Oregano will have grown in slightly different environmental seasons and conditions.  As such, different ‘batches’ may present a difference in a particular constituent that is ever so mild – but it is only the science of nature that can adjust and produce the other elements in precisely the form and level required for that perfect synergy to continue. Solutions4Health guarantees that only the highest quality, pure and unadulterated and therapeutically effective Certified Organic Oil of Wild Oregano is used in our product. We strive to create a product that you love. We love to hear from you and your experiences with Oil of Wild Oregano.


  • Australia’s 1st Oil of Wild Oregano
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Natural
  • We use Certified Organic Oregano Oil
  • We use Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Each and every batch we make is lab tested
  • Our Oil of Wild Oregano is not standardised, we do not alter or add any constituents to our product, we leave it as nature made it
  • Fast, low cost shipping
  • Secure & Safe Online Ordering
  • Lots of happy and satisfied customers

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